Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bavarian Crochet & Free Pattern

Have you ever worked up a pattern and just fell in love with the stitch pattern used?  Last year, when I finally tried the Bavarian Crochet blanket pattern found in the book Learn to Do Bavarian Crochet, I couldn't get enough!  I went online in search of other patterns that used the stitch pattern, and outside of the patterns found in the book, there were only more blankets using similar variations of the stitch pattern, and one dress pattern.  I was shocked!  The stitch pattern has so much potential!  I've done three different dresses, tops, scarves, fingerless gloves, boot cuffs, a stocking, and trimmed a stocking cap using this stitch pattern.  I have other things in mind as well, but those will have to wait.In all honesty, it took me almost a full year from the time I got the book as a Christmas gift until I actually tried it.  I'd seen all of the beautiful blankets that others had made using the stitch and the photos in the book itself...they were beautiful!  There was no way I could do was just too intimidating.  One night, in between projects, I picked up the book (probably for the 20th time since I got it), picked up my hook and yarn, and just went for it.  After frogging it a few times (because I didn't trust that I'd done it right because it didn't look the way I thought it should even though I'd followed the instructions), I forged on a few more rows, and finally, it was starting to look like those beautiful photos I'd been seeing.  After about four more rounds, I was completely comfortable with the stitch pattern.  I was able to close the book and work the repetitive pattern almost mindlessly.  After finishing the toddler sized blanket for my daughter for Christmas, I craved making other things using the stitch.

After working with Kate of
Crafting Friends testing many of her dress patterns, I was inspired to try designing a dress of my own.  From there, the Bavarian Summer Dress was brought to life.  While the dress was in testing, the idea for the Bavarian Summer Halter Collection was born.  While testing the halter collection, one of my testers worked the stitch pattern a little different than intended in the pattern.  While it was not right for the pattern at hand, it was a very neat twist on the stitch.  From that "twist" came the Almost Bavarian Collection.  The Bavarian Cream Collection idea woke me up one night as I was drifting off to sleep.  The Merry Bavarian Christmas Stocking that was released on Friday happened just because I wanted to see if it could be done.  When I decided to write the pattern for two sizes, I thought it would be adorable as a photo prop for baby's first Christmas photos, so I added a third size.  And, of course, every cocoon style photo prop needs a matching hat, right?  So, I whipped up a quick little stocking cap (took me less than 4 hours total crochet time) and added it to the pattern as no additional cost. 

Today, I'm sharing the stocking cap pattern with you here.  Included in the pattern, there is a photorial of how to work the Bavarian Crochet stitch pattern is used on the brim of the hat as well as most of the patterns I've released this year (the Almost Bavarian Collection is slightly different, but if you get the hang of working this stitch pattern, the slight variation will be very easy to do).
Materials:Hook:  G
Yarn: 3 oz. light worsted weight similar to Caron Simply Soft in two or more colors

yarn needle, scissors
Optional: pompom maker (I used a fork)

Gauge swatch: 
9 dc x 4 rows = 2”Abbreviations:  ch – chain
st(s) – stitch(es)
sp – space
sl st – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet
htc – half triple/treble crochet
tc – triple/treble crochet
bp – back post
RS – right side

Newborn (14” head circumference)

Download the pattern here: 
Merry Bavarian Christmas Stocking Cap

Little Luvies Shop asks that you share the pattern by sharing the link to this blog post.  Please do not share or copy this pattern in part or in it's entirety or claim it or any portion of it as your own.  Any item you make with this pattern are your own works and you own responsibility.  When gifting or selling items using this pattern, please give credit to Little Luvies Shop as the designer by sharing a link to this post or our website (

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