Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pardon the Interruption

Little Luvies Shop is closed for custom orders and new pattern designing from now until further notice.  As of 2/7, we will be closed for RTS items until further notice, also.

Two weeks from today, my family and I are moving from S. Texas to S. Kansas.  Hubby has a new job there, so we are off on a new adventure.  We are pretty excited about it, but also a little anxious/nervous.  We know we are moving, we know he has a job to start two days after we get there, and my MIL has a transfer with her job set to start a week after we get there.  But, as of this moment, we still do not have a house to go to when we get there.  Yikes!  We are definitely walking in faith with this one!  There do seem to be a lot of options in the area, though, so we shouldn't have much problem finding a place.  It's just a little unnerving at the moment until we do.

So, lots and lots of packing going on over here.  That includes my yarn!  Eek!!!  Well, I will have a small bag of supplies not packed away as I am secretly working on a new design in my very little bit of down time (shhh!!!), but to not have my big yarn tote next to my chair is not going to seem right at all!

Business as usual should resume in about six weeks.  In the mean time, to help with moving expenses, all of my patterns on Ravelry, including eBooks and pattern packs, are 30% off until 2/7, and all of my RTS items on my website are on sale.  They are already marked down, savings of $10 on most items.  Everything must go, though, so make me a reasonable offer, and the item is yours!  I do not want to pack up my inventory if I can help it.

Alright...enough chit chatting.  Time to get back to packing.  Happy thoughts and prayers are much appreciated!

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