Saturday, February 14, 2015

Swirly Whirly Update!

Preemie/Doll size by Little Luvies Shop (c)2015
Basic hat with Swirly Whirly Flower by Little Luvies Shop (c) 2015
The Swirly Whirly Hat has been updated!  Not only does the pattern have a different look, the pattern is also worked differently to make it easier to follow.  New embellishments have been added (previously, it only included a star)...two sizes of stars, two sizes of hearts, a leaf, the firecracker fuse/apple stem, three different flowers, and Christmas ornaments.  The previous version was specifically intended to be a patriotic firecracker hat.  The updated pattern includes instructions for many variations of the hat...firecracker, Valentine, pumpkin, apple, and bumble bee, to name a few.  It even includes the most often requested Christmas Tree.  Preemie/Doll size has also been added to the updated pattern, were before it included 0-3mo to Adult sizes.  In one pattern, you will get the basic hat pattern, 11 embellishments, and instructions for 8 additional fun variations.  The at works up quickly.  An adult size basic hat can be made in just a couple hours for an average paced hooker.  While the pattern includes 8 variations, I'm sure there are many more you could come up with.  Let your imagination run wild with it!

This weekend only (until midnight CST Sunday night), you can pick up your copy of the pattern for 50% off when you use coupon code RERELEASE2 at checkout on Ravelry.

When I originally designed this hat in 2012, Crafting Friends Designs designed the Swirly Whirly Sundress to coordinate with it.  The set is so cute together! 
You can find the dress patterns here:  Infant/Toddler, Child

Below are photos of the many variations included in the pattern.

Apple for the Teacher by Little Luvies Shop (c)2012

Basic hat by Courtney Crochets (c)2015

Cupcake by Denise Grimm (c)2015

Firecracker by Little Luvies Shop (c)2012

Bumble Bee by Crazy Hookers Crochet Creations (c)2015

Christmas Tree (top view) by Dsey Designs (c)2015

Christmas Tree by Dsey Designs (c)2015

Valentine by Three Angels Crochet (c)2015

Basic hat by Melonie Jones (c) 2015

Floppy Sun Hat by Noelle Christensen (c)2015

Pumpkin by Little Luvies Shop (c)2012


  1. Such a fun design with so many options!

  2. Thanks! It was my first design and one of my favorites to work up, still, to this day!