Friday, October 9, 2015

Love Knot Lattice Bags and Thank You!

First of all, thank you all who joined us for the 3000 FANtastic Fun Week celebration.  We had a lot of fun giveaways and freebies, and over 1000 new fans joined us.  It was truly a wonderful week of getting to mingle with the LLS community.  <3

This time of year starts my busier design time, and, if I get everything done that I'm planning, it will definitely mean a great many new designs for you!

Today, I've released the Love Knot Lattice Bags pattern on Ravelry and Craftsy.  These bags turned out so much better than I even imagined.  They have so many great uses, too!  Market bags, beach bags, totes, gift bags, hostess gifts, Secret Santa gifts...just about anything you would use a disposable bag for, you could use a crocheted market bag.  The Love Knot Lattice Bags hold a TON!  The lattice design is created in a unique way that allows for a lot of stretch.  Just look at the photos below, and you'll see what I mean.  The large round bag measures 14" tall x 9" diameter when at rest.  I was able to fit a 10lb bag of potatoes in it.  Pictured here, it has a large bunch of bananas, a whole pineapple, three apples, two pears, two lemons, an orange, and a pomegranate, and there is still a good 1/3 of the bag left to fill.

In addition to the Large Round, there is also a Small Round bag (12" x 6.5") and an Oblong bag (12" x 9" x 5") included in the pattern.  These bags work up super quick, and have so many uses! 

If you sell things at craft fairs, these are sure to be a huge hit with your customers.  So many grocery chains are starting to charge for their disposable grocery bags that it just makes more sense to buy reuseable bags to save money in the long run.

Whether you sell them or gift them, do yourself a favor and make at least one set for yourself.  You're sure to find yourself using them for everything!

(c) 2015 Sarah Smith of Frankenstitch
(c) 2015 Kayla Hemingway of Hooks & Twists

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